Sunday, November 21, 2010


I've decided that I've done enough talking, and need to do more doing.

So I've started a little something. Something I should've started a long time ago. This, is

It is my stab at superstardom. Or failing that, stardom. Or failing that, something that resembles what you would call a career.

As you would've read from my previous post,
I love photography. It is inevitable that I do. I have loved it since before I even knew that one could make money out of it (other than to take passport photos at your local photo developing studio).

And now, I love it so much that I've decided to make something out of it. If I could.

You see, it is really easy to just talk. By that, I mean criticizing someone else's work. Or saying something like "I could do that too, what's so great?"

I am guilty of doing it all the time.

I'm not sure if it's just me who has this sort of competitiveness within me, but as I grow older, I understand that it's to do with ego.

That's right, put it in a good way, it is competitiveness, meaning that you have the will to succeed. Not so good way? I'm a freaking jerk who doesn't know to appreciate the effort that goes into a piece of work.

It couldn't be more obviously pointed out to me the other day.

I went for the Myer Annual General Meeting (AGM) the other day. Besides being really excited that I could meet Jennifer Hawkins (no, I didn't - she wasn't there), I thought the whole AGM was rather flashy and entertaining. And this is compared to the last one I went to which was for Asciano.

After coming back from the meeting, I pointed out the beautiful cover of the Myer 2010 Annual Report to my GM of Marketing. It has this simple, graphical black and white photo of the store front.

GM remarked that it's really beautifully shot, and that it must be hard to get that shot. And then I said, "Yeah, it's beautiful, but not that hard."

Uh-oh. I realised I was being a smart arse already.

GM raised his brow, and said, "Ah, not hard eh? I'm gonna give you hundred bucks if you could get this shot, or something better than that."

No worries, I think I could just be able to.

That is, until I walked to Myer that evening and checked out how I could get that shot.

If you realise, the shot was taken from a higher angle. Which means I had to get to a higher building opposite Myer to get that shot. When I looked at what buildings I could use, I saw only one which was possible. The rest were all two-level shoplots. Only this one had 5 levels.


If I were to really get that shot, I will need to get permission from the building owners, and I will need to set up at night, and try to capture a shot where there were lights coming out from inside. And the windows better be free of any decorations now because they just opened the atrium. The photographer probably got the shot when it was empty before they opened it. SO the end effect is simple and beautiful.

This really taught me a lesson to learn to appreciate an artists work. Be they photographers, visual artists, painters, whatever.

And not to be a smart arse.

Another thing for anyone to ask themselves before criticizing anyone's work is, "Would you have thought of shooting it like that, too? If you think you do, what do you have to show for it?"

If the answer was "No" and "Nothing", then you'd better be shutting your face.

Anyway, I do hope you'll enjoy some of my work I put up at my new website. Do leave a comment there so I'll know that at least someone is reading it. Lol.

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Pink-Flops said...

hmm. the question is if you can take as good as / a better picture, assuming parity in everything else - that you have the right equipments, access to view etc. so tho you've learnt a valuable lesson, you've prolly not concluded it based on the right questions.. ? don't be too hard on yerself silly. xxx